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Folk Ragout is made up of Leslie Anne Harrison, celtic flute and Frederic Pouille, acoustic guitar.  They are amazing musicians and even better people.  They perform music from Irish, Scottish, French traditions.  Leslie was featured on my "Winter" album on "Holly and The Ivy".  Check them out here

I have a 6'3" Estonia...and I love it.  Yes, from the country of the same name. The company is Family run, founded in 1893, and they only make grands.  All hand-made, Renner action, and gorgeous cantabile sound...with depth in the bass.  My fingers and ears are happy.  We will celebrate our 10th year together this coming October.  Check them out:  Estonia Pianos

Megan shot the photos for my most recent album "Winter".  One look...and you'll understand why I would recommend her.  Great vision, and a joy to work with.  She currently resides in Jackson, WY.   Check out her new website, or Contact by  Email   or  Visit Facebook Page

Loren Jones

So many people are following their own passions.  They inspire me...and I hope they inspire you.  Please check them out.  

Megan Peterson Photography
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Loren is an artisan living in Fort Collins, CO.  His work is extraordinary.  I first came to admire his skill by looking upon the beautiful chalice that he made for our church (see photo to the right) each Sunday.  Now, my home is graced with his mugs and dishes.  And the best part? He is one of the coolest, most down to earth and loving people you will ever come across.  Check his stuff out here:  Loren Jones Pottery  

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